1. Dogs over 1 year must be neutered, females over 1 year must be spayed.
  2. All dogs require an assessment before attending daycare. This is valid for 6 months.  If your dog does not attend daycare during this time, another assessment will be required before booking any sessions.
  3. Although we complete an assessment on your dog, it is possible that when they begin to attend regularly and ‘settle in’, we could see behaviours not noticed on an assessment. For this reason, your dogs first months attendance is a ‘probationary period’.  After this time, we will advise if your dogs general behaviour becomes unsuitable for the daycare environment.
  4. If a dog develops behaviour which is aggressive to other dogs or shows continual dominant behaviour by mounting other dogs, they will be excluded from the daycare facility with immediate effect.
  5. Your dog must be fully vaccinated (including Kennel Cough) in accordance with current vet procedures and certificates must be produced annually to confirm this has been done.
  6. Your dog must be on a worming and flea prevention programme. If your dog has fleas you will need to collect your dog, treat it and be clear of fleas before returning.
  7. Dogs showing signs of illness i.e. sickness or diarrhoea cannot attend daycare until they have been free of the illness for at least 24 hours.
  8. Bitches in season cannot attend daycare.
  9. You authorise us to make decisions concerning the health and wellbeing of your dog in case of an emergency. For medical issues, these will be based on the advice of a qualified vet.  Any vet bills which are incurred should your dog become ill or suffer and injury will be payable by you, upon collection of your dog under all circumstances.
  10. Dogs will be kept on leads during walks.
  11. Your dog must wear a quick release collar with ID daycare tag whilst in our care.
  12. Regular bookings must be paid for by the end of each week. Payment can be made by cash or directly into a bank account.
  13. Occasional bookings must be paid for in full upon arrival.